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Health systems are under immense pressure to improve care quality while reducing costs under the pay-for-performance reimbursement model. Pharmacists must keep pace with their evolving scope of practice. Health systems and their pharmacists must plan for and react to trends in both value-based care and the pharmaceutical marketplace to ensure financial solvency and optimize patient outcomes.

Pharmenko has build Advanced Resource Management Solution for Pharmacies to satisfy the growing needs of time. Our ready to use solution connects the pharmacy to cloud instantly and help you manage and optimize all your resources in a very cost effective way.

Our Services

Medicine Database

Growing and Real time updated database of medicines at fingertips.

Digital Pharmacy

Complete digitalization of your pharmacy by connecting it to cloud. Securely manage your Pharmacy from any device.

Medicine Tracking

Can track all the medicine for their stock availability, expiry date,etc.

Real Time Updates

Get Real Time Updates for the new/upcoming medicines and best practices in market.

Advaced Analytics

Get adavanced data analytics of all your sells. Monthly analysis. Daily Analysis

Operator Management

Manage all your operators with thier unique access Id

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